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June 15, 2009


Maureen Stivala

YEAH - 1/2 done!!! Way to go!

Regretfully...Gotta tell ya, I may be contacting you later on in July because Bob and I are back in the game again, too...and this time there might be radiation - and we have no experience with that...and I will need to know how to help him....so celebrating all small things to stay positive...which is why I LOVE to help YOU celebrate your 1/2 way mark!!!

Blessings to you!!!


I say woohoo for you too! I just love your upbeat positive attitude, it does inspire me. Happy to see you moved to SBS#26 since we never really got off the ground in SBS#28.

Sending you happy, positive thoughts.


Ellie Jacobson

Hey Wendy~

We aren't too far from each other..I'm in Farmington. I'm glad you moved over to this group too since our group never took off really. I hope you are doing ok!

Your SBS26 sister,


Hey Wendy, It's wonderful that you are able to blog a little bit in between treatments, I know how that totally drains all the energy from a body.....seeing my Mother had to go thru chemo & radition.

So glad that your purple technique card & tag made it's way safely into your hands......So suprised that you've never seen enevolpes decorated too?

If anyone wants to see the card & tag that I sent Wendy it's on my blog.

Shell in Alaska

Wendy Sebesta

Ha.....Shell, not that I've never seen a pretty decorated envelope, just that the one you sent me was the awesomest (is that a word?!!)! :)


It's good to see you being so positive. Woohoo to being halfway

{{hugs}} Tracey SBS#26

Alexandra Hobson

Hi Wendy!! I am sooo glad to hear your upbeat words - I wish I could hug you right now!!! You are an amazing woman, your outlook is just so positive, and I am in awe of you!!!!! Think of you all the time - 1/2 way there, and kicking *&^!!! Good for you, girl!! *STAMPI NHUGS* Alex


Welcome to SBS 26! Stay positive - you'll be crafting again soon! Prayers are with you.

SBS 26


Hi Wendy! Just stopping by to say hi and to check out your blog. You have such a great attitude and I am sure this has helped your treatment. I hope the 2nd half of your treatments fly by and you are feeling stronger soon. Keep thinking positive. Our prayers are with you.

Cindy van Oorschot

Oh Wendy I'm so happy that you are half way there and before you know it you'll be done. Anyway I also wanted you to know that I've left an award at my blog for you.

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