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July 02, 2009



Gentle hugs and I hope you feel better REALLY SOON!!!

I am a new member of your SBS #28 and wanted to come over to say hello!


Hi Wendy,

Glad to hear your radiation is over. Hope you can regain your strength that the side effects pass quicker than last time.

I was on hormone therapy for about 16 years. It was great because I had no "private heat waves"

Take Care!

Cindy van Oorschot

Hi Wendy, Ok this part is over and yes it does take a while to get over the tiredness and the soreness, but your there. As for the drugs depends on which one you have to go on, on what the side effects might be and for how long, most of them are for 5 years. I have found getting enough sleep is hard with them and I do get the hot flashes with the one I'm on, it's like being back in menopause again. Oh well it's better than having to worry about it coming back. Take care and we'll go through this journey together, as I'm still in therapy for another 3 years.
Hugs to you and glad to see you've done the radiation.
Hugs Cindy


I hope that now the radiation is over that you can start to build yourself up again and get back to near normal!!(whatever that is) I pray that things get better every day from here on in.
Love Ya

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