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September 16, 2009


Pat Jaynes

Wendy: Love the card and am abolutely loving seeing you back here girlfriend. You hang in there and know that we love you are so glad to hear that you are getting your determination back. Many hugs, Pat Jaynes


Great to hear from you Wendy. I love your PBJ card, it is adorable.

Natalie x


Wendy fab to see & hear from you & so pleased that your spirits are finally lifing into a brighter place.

Love the anniversary card . . it brought a big smile to my lips.

Take care,


Kim Marie

Here's to the light coming from the end of the tunnel, looking upward! :) Your card is certainly a smile maker...love the shiny grape jelly! Happy anniversary!! And happy life :)
Kim Marie

Cindy van Oorschot

Oh Wendy I love this card, it is so cute. Thanks for sharing with us, and It sounds like your on your way there.
Hugs Cindy


glad to hear are back on the up

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