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October 08, 2009


Kim Leach

Ahhhhh....it is too early for SNOW!! You'd think you grew up near Buffalo or something!! ;)

Have a wonderful dinner...and you are always pretty!
Kim Marie

Roxanne Stevens

If you do get some snow, make sure to get some pics. Have a fun time out with the family.


Hey Wendy,
The weather forecast for us has been chance of snow all week, still haven't seen it yet! LOL Seriously I am not looking forward to seeing of the white stuff real soon!

Hope you all have a great dinner, Remember is only skin deep. (it's your heart that most peeps are looking at)

Hugs Shell~Alaska


Boy I must be tired cause I totally left out part of the thought that I was typing.........Duh!!!

Anyway it was supposed to say "Remember beauty is only skin deep!


Tracey M

Send some snow my way please. We don't get proper snow over here *pouts*
Have a lovely time with your family

Tracey xxx

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