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October 06, 2009



Hey Wendy,
Now I want to see your true colors painted on your smiling faces with all the spirit for them Twins! You know where they have half of the faces painted Blue & Red.......LOL
Wow a whopping 160 games you are a dedicated trooper.



Hi Wendy, I hope the rain lets up for you soon or you get your Ark.....LOL Not to brag but we've been having unusually dry, sunny, warm weather for Canada's west coast so I'm enjoying it for you.

Tracey M

Sorry Wendy, I'm hogging the ark in Liverpool. I'll see if we can swing by your way soon.

Tracey SBS 26

Kim Marie

Rainy days and Tuesdays....oh wait that should be Mondays! But there is a full moon, so it sure seemed astonishingly like a Monday...every kiddo was OFF! Ah well, there's always tomorrow! New mercies every day :)
Kim Marie

Roxanne Stevens

It was windy and rainy here as well. DH and I saw a beautiful double rainbow on our way in to work this morning. And not just partials either.....complete rainbows! What beauty in such gloomy weather.

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