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April 08, 2010


Kriss Cramer

My prayers are always with you!

I love the word search stamp, and the winking sushi is hilarious...the name alone made me laugh.

Have a WONDERFUL day.


Hi Wendy, good luck with your mamogram, I am one of the few people that remains from SB9. I do miss Manna I check back to her blog, I hope she comes back .

Katie Perry

Hiya Wendy
Since my MIL passed away last year, almost a year in fact, I haven't blogged really. I got out of the habit and haven't got back to it. This is the second time I've tried to do this post!!!! I am so rubbish LOL.
However, I do lurk in the shadows around all the SBS sisters blogs every week. I don't leave comments any more which is very lazy of me I know, must do better as my teachers used to say about me
I have something for you which I will put in the snail mail next week.
I hope everything goes well next week, I will be thinking positive thoughts!

Loads of love


maureen stivala

I'm here....I'm here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully back to the land of the living and I cannot believe that the yahoo thing was deleted...that's how much I was paying attention!!

I was trying to read through everyone's blogs for the LONG time I was away...to see what was happening...and can't believe how much stuff I missed...but no more....

things are better but not great...but we're still standing and that is HUGE!! LOL

anyway - I think of you (and my other sistahs sbs9) all the time....and my prayers have been with you for a while now...and will continue to do so....

((((((muwhaaaa!!!!))))) Reen

Kriss Cramer

I'm back just to say hi! I'm glad you were so amused by my poison-ivy nose. You should have seen it...you would have busted a gut laughing!!!


OMG Sending you lots of special thoughts and prayers >>>
Cute Birthday Card for Dane!!
Had to laugh about the Sushi idea cause that's one of my foodie nick names...LOL....Been getting into some scrap booking, made some albums for my kids and staying busy. Just check and addresses are still there for SBS#9, I have the logo on my blog on the left....HTH

Alaskan Hugs
Shell SBS 26

Edie Mindell

Hi. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. :-0 I love your creativity.:-) Your ideas for a personalized gift items or even just a card are extremely beautiful. I love it.:-) Thanks for sharing your creations here.

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