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January 10, 2011



Wow it seems like a lot has been going with you and your family.....glad that you had your daughters home with you to celebrate the season.

Are you truly moving??? It's not fun moving, but then the last time I moved was 16 yrs ago....and it seemed like a whole country away. LOL Hey keep us posted especially I'll need a new address from you soon!

It's always fun to get goodies in the mail!! So I'd love to be entered into your random drawing

Hugs Shell~Alaska♥

Cindy van Oorschot

Hi Wendy, Oh I'm glad to hear that your missing being creative, cause I bet when you get the move done you'll be right back at it. I miss seeing your work as well, I hope this is a better year for you and yours and especially lets hope that the cancer doesn't return again. Anyway look forward to seeing your creative side in the near future. Please pop in once in a while anyway to say hi.
Hugs Cindy~~~Canadian Friend.

Lou Sims

Hi Weny,

Long time no "pop over" . . actually that's not quite true as I have been cyber stalking you and checking in to see how you are.

You're brave moving as that would totally freak me out and I wouldn't know where to begin!

Take care and a Happy New Year (even if it is a bit belated !).


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